NYM – Web3 privacy infrastructure

NYM is a decentralized and incentivized infrastructure to provision privacy to message-based applications and services.” NYM Whitepaper

Mixnodes in the NYM Network

The core component of Nym is a mixnet that protects network traffic metadata for applications, providing communication privacy superior to both VPNs and Tor against global adversaries that can watch the entire internet. Nodes in the mixnet are rewarded via a novel proof of mixing scheme that proves that mix nodes are providing a high quality of service. — NYM Whitepaper

Metastack has already operated a mixnode on the testnet and supported the development until the launch of mainnet. Now we are among the first stable mixnodes on the mainnet and have dedicated our resources to continuous development.

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How to choose a NYM Mixnode – points to take into consideration

+ Adequate profit margin

+ Medium vs. big total stake (decentralization)

+ Skin in the game (self stake)

+ Up-time/performance

+ Last but not least – can you contact the operator?

The Metastack NYM Mixnode Configuration and Strategy

+ Uptime: 24/7

We maintain a set of dedicated high performance servers.

+ Competitive and fair fees

1% – let´s celebrate the mainnet start with a 1% profit margin for the first three months!

Our goal is to strengthen the network and reward delegates in the best possible way. We can only achieve this goal together. Fair fees in the front.

As of 01.08.2022, our margin will be calculated using the profit margin of the top 10 nodes (median of the ten largest nodes).

+ Non-Custodial

We will never ask you for you private keys and accept non custodial delegations only. Simply delegate your favourable NYM amount to our Identity Key via the NYM wallet.

Feel free to undelagte at any time!

+ Support

If you have any questions, feel free to contact as at any time!

Our Telegram Group might be the fastest way.

Identity Key:


NYM Adress:



Use this LINK to check our node.

Where to start ?!

How to exchange your ERC20 NYM Token to Cosmos for delegations on the Mixnet

At the time of writing these lines, you only get ERC20 NYM tokens on the major exchanges. Anyway, there is a nice guide how to exchange your ERC20 NYM tokens to Cosmos:


It´s a bit technical so if you need some help, just reach out to us and we are happy to guide/help you. Again, watch out for scams. We will never ask you for your private keys.

Start a NYM Mixnode by yourself?

The more mixnodes the better! We are happy to give you are helping hand in setting up your mixnode as well. Presuposed you are common with the process and responsibilities of maintaining a validator. As always, there are different pros and cons for running your own node. The latest NYM article related to the mainnet gives you a good insight: https://blog.nymtech.net/transfering-nym-erc20-to-nym-cosmos-for-bonding-or-delegating-in-nym-mainnet-introducing-gravity-821e417cb0ab

Delegate and earn NYM today

Pictures speak more than a thousand words:

NYM Delegation via Wallet
  1. Open your NYM Wallet and click on delegates
  2. Enter a Mixnode Identity
  3. Enter the amount you wish to delegates
    1. Leave some NYM in your wallet for future tx fees
  4. Klick on delegate stake
    1. It can take some hours until your delegations is set active
  5. NYM rewards get transfered directly to your adress

About MetaStack

MetaStack Data GmbH was founded by 3 blockchain enthusiasts in Vienna, Austria in 2021. We have been familiar with the blockchain space for a long time and decided to put our knowledge to practical use – in order to help building a better internet infrastructure for all of us.

We build and operate nodes on the Stacks blockchain, as we believe it makes sense to utilize the power of bitcoin and make it more accessible for developers and users. On Proof-of-Stake blockchains like Ethereum 2.0 we run validators to support the network.

Chris — MetaStack Data


Software Engineering

After a couple of years in the industry, Chris followed his passion and co-founded MetaStack Data GmbH in order to focus on his passion, blockchain technology.

Peter — MetaStack Data


Project Management and Technical Support

As a project manager, Peter knows it is important to focus on the right problems and find high-potential solutions. Now he sees this potential in Blockchain infrastructure services.

Michael — MetaStack Data


Project Management

As an Entrepreneur and Investor, Michael has been familiar with the Blockchain space for a long time. Now it is time to build.

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