Transfer BTC NFTs/Ordinals safely.

Better be safe, than sorry.

How our Escrow for Ordinals/NFTs works

1. Buyer and seller do the trade (agree on price) and contact us via discord.
2. We post our escrow wallet address and the buyer transfers the agreed purchase amount in BTC + a 5% commission.
3. We confirm to buyer and seller that the funds are now in escrow.
4. The buyer posts his taproot address (for the inscription).
5. The seller sends the inscription.
6. We monitor the process and after the next block confirmation, send the BTC to the seller.

If the seller sends the wrong or no inscription, we will refund the BTC to the buyer and keep the 5% commission.

We want to keep it simple, but safe – so no one has to worry or gets scammed.

Connecting buyer and seller safely.

About MetaStack

MetaStack Data GmbH was founded by 3 blockchain enthusiasts in Vienna, Austria in 2021. We have been familiar with the blockchain space for a long time and decided to put our knowledge to practical use – in order to help building a better internet infrastructure for all of us.

We build and operate nodes on the Stacks blockchain, as we believe it makes sense to utilize the power of bitcoin and make it more accessible for developers and users. On Proof-of-Stake blockchains like Ethereum (Beacon Chain) we run validators to support the network.

Chris — MetaStack Data


Software Engineering

After a couple of years in the industry, Chris followed his passion and co-founded MetaStack Data GmbH in order to focus on his passion, blockchain technology.

Peter — MetaStack Data


Project Management and Technical Support

As a project manager, Peter knows it is important to focus on the right problems and find high-potential solutions. Now he sees this potential in Blockchain infrastructure services.

Michael — MetaStack Data


Project Management

As an Entrepreneur and Investor, Michael has been familiar with the Blockchain space for a long time. Now it is time to build.

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