Stacks is Building on Bitcoin

Stacks is a Layer 1 blockchain (a standalone blockchain) connected to Bitcoin. Stacks uses Bitcoin as a settlement-layer but makes it programmable and thereby increases its usability. On Stacks you can build, run and use decentralized applications secured by the Bitcoin Network, the biggest and most reliable blockchain in the world today. Find out more about Stacks, the STX Token and the Stacks ecosystem.

We operate nodeson the Stacks blockchain, as we believe it makes sense to utilize the power of Bitcoin and make it more accessible for developers and users. Stacks uses a protocol called Proof-of-Transfer (PoX), where Node operators or „Miners“ have to burn Bitcoin in order to get rewarded with newly distributed STX Tokens when they win a block. The Bitcoin paid by the Miners are distributed to Stakers, who „stack“ (stake) their STX Tokens on the Blockchain. Thus Stacks represents a unique opportunity to earn Bitcoin while staking STX tokens.

“Stacks enables DeFi, NFTs, Apps, and Smart Contracts for

Let´s pool our STX and strengthen the network

Our offer: Non-custodial Stacking with zero fees. Simply delegate your stacks (70.000 STX min.) with your wallet and earn BTC. By delegating your stacks, the tokens won’t leave your wallet. It´s just a smart contract which will lock them for a predefined period of time.

Payouts: We will transfer the rewards after every stacking cycle (~2 weeks) to your BTC onchain address or lightning address.

Questions? – simply drop us a line in our telegram channel or use the contact form below. You can also find details about stacking here.

Requirements to participate in the Stacking process

To participate in the stacking process, a minimum amount of STX-Tokens is required. Depending on the current number of total locked tokens the pool size gets adjusted. At the time of writing these lines it´s about 130.000 STX.

Individuals who have this stake in their wallet can stack independently for a predefined period of time. Those who are not able to acquire the needed amount can go with a stacking pool starting as low as 100 STX.

About MetaStack

MetaStack Data GmbH was founded by 3 blockchain enthusiasts in Vienna, Austria in 2021. We have been familiar with the blockchain space for a long time and decided to put our knowledge to practical use – in order to help building a better internet infrastructure for all of us.

We build and operate nodes on the Stacks blockchain, as we believe it makes sense to utilize the power of bitcoin and make it more accessible for developers and users. On Proof-of-Stake blockchains like Ethereum (Beacon Chain) we run validators to support the network.

Chris — MetaStack Data


Software Engineering

After a couple of years in the industry, Chris followed his passion and co-founded MetaStack Data GmbH in order to focus on his passion, blockchain technology.

Peter — MetaStack Data


Project Management and Technical Support

As a project manager, Peter knows it is important to focus on the right problems and find high-potential solutions. Now he sees this potential in Blockchain infrastructure services.

Michael — MetaStack Data


Project Management

As an Entrepreneur and Investor, Michael has been familiar with the Blockchain space for a long time. Now it is time to build.

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