Web3 enabled by Blockchains

“The one thing that is missing but will soon be developed is a reliable e-cash, a method whereby on the Internet you can transfer funds from A to B without them knowing each other.” – Milton Friedman in 1999

Web3 and the vision of the World Wide Web

Web3 is a new form of Internet that is close to the original vision by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. It is a web without a central authority exercising control over users‘ data or interfering in communication. Users own and control their data (Forbes).

The blockchain sector has become a major industry worldwide, inviting co-creation of the Web3, a new and decentralized Internet. The innovation is to develop platform-independent applications that give users both control over their data and incentives for using it. The result is a global decentralized Internet that is carried on many shoulders, actively involving users and also offering them direct monetary incentives. This approach contrasts with the platform-based Web2, which sees users primarily as data suppliers for business models based on targeted advertising. Web3 is an alternative Internet that enables entirely new possibilities for collaboration and ownership of digital products. Web3 is conceptually not a reinvention, but rather a return to the beginnings of the Internet (WienerZeitung).

By participating in the mining and staking process on the Stacks Blockchain, as well as expanding these infrastructure activities to other Web3 protocols, MetaStack is actively supporting the development of decentralized services in Web3.

Web3 as an opportunity

Web3 infrastructure is an opportunity for the whole world and especially Europe to create leading companies and services in the decentralized online technology sector. This is about key technologies of the future, with the chance to actively shape the reinvention of the Internet – independent of the omnipresent platforms of Web2.

In Web3, the user is not just a customer, consumer and data provider, but an active participant and stakeholder in the network. In Web3, unlike Web2, the protocols themselves have value and can be invested in (e.g. Bitcoin vs. TCP/IP). The more Internet users actively engage in Web3 and its decentralized protocols, the more people will also benefit from the incentives that arise – in the form of direct participation in collaborative, digital business models. 

Through technical infrastructure services on the Web3, MetaStack is actively building the foundation of a new Internet that allows everyone to participate within their means. The potential applications are as diverse as society itself and hard to narrow down – creative communities like FriendswithBenefits or blockchain gaming with user participation are just two examples of a new virtual economy that has only one major barrier to entry – to use these new Web3 applications and interact with them securely.

About MetaStack

MetaStack Data GmbH was founded by 3 blockchain enthusiasts in Vienna, Austria in 2021. We have been familiar with the blockchain space for a long time and decided to put our knowledge to practical use – in order to help building a better internet infrastructure for all of us.

We build and operate nodes on the Stacks blockchain, as we believe it makes sense to utilize the power of bitcoin and make it more accessible for developers and users. On Proof-of-Stake blockchains like Ethereum (Beacon Chain) we run validators to support the network.

Chris — MetaStack Data


Software Engineering

After a couple of years in the industry, Chris followed his passion and co-founded MetaStack Data GmbH in order to focus on his passion, blockchain technology.

Peter — MetaStack Data


Project Management and Technical Support

As a project manager, Peter knows it is important to focus on the right problems and find high-potential solutions. Now he sees this potential in Blockchain infrastructure services.

Michael — MetaStack Data


Project Management

As an Entrepreneur and Investor, Michael has been familiar with the Blockchain space for a long time. Now it is time to build.

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